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A bit about our newest coffees and an article about our work.

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New coffee alert!

Lucila Gomez: The coffee was farmed by Lucila Ceron Gomez on her farm El Naranjo in Narino, Colombia.  Mouth watering notes of cherry, melon and baked apple await in this "Colombia" varietal coffee.  Narino is one of our favorite places to source coffee, and this is typical of the very high quality coffee produced here.

La Coipa: In Cajamarca, Peru, the Santuario coop is producing some amazing coffee.  We loved the deep plum flavors and the prominent sweetness in this coffee.  Cajamarca has been surprising us with some very high quality coffees year after year and this is yet another prime example of the land and the farmers dedication to their craft.

Finally, our friends at Daily Coffee News wrote a piece about the work we are doing.  Feel free to read the article linked here.

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