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Don't miss this very special new coffee from Ethiopia

Don't miss this very special new coffee!

Layers of flavor and the incredible story that dates back to the beginning of coffee is what awaits you.

Coffee grows wild in the cloud forests of Ethiopia.  This is where it's from.  This is where it wants to be.  These coffees thrive in the shady conditions of the high altitude understory.  The fruits develop dense sweetness as they ripen, and often are among the most prized coffees in the world.

The original method of drying the coffee seed was to pick dried berries right off the bush.  This is a lot like raisins.  In that same tradition, our coffee from Garbota was naturally processed- the ripe fruit was laid onto raised beds, turned frequently to prevent mold and eventually dried.  The sweet flavor of the tropical coffee berry is concentrated and much more present in this natural way of drying the seeds.  Then it was hand sorted many times to get rid of any defect.

This coffee was produced from coffee trees growing wild in the forest, a method called agroforestry.  What makes this whole story even more special is this coffee was picked and processed by a single producer, Tadese Bifitu with the help of eight other families from Garbota Village.

With such a story we are excited to share this coffee with you.  It has layers of fruit, from watermelon, to blueberry, and blackberry.  It has a deep vanilla spice and a delicious sweetness that is hard to find anywhere else.  We call this coffee Garbota Village.  This special coffee is only available until we run out, try some soon.


Above is a closeup of coffee drying in Ethiopia.  Below is an example of whole coffee fruits drying in Ethiopia.  Both images come from our import partner.
From the Farmers Union Coffee Roasters team.

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