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Try the rare pink bourbon varietal at Farmers Union Coffee Roasters.

A true story of the rare Pink Bourbon from Finca Danubio. Try it at Farmers Union Coffee Roasters.

In order to understand how special this Finca Danubio Pink Bourbon is, it helps to know a little about the history of the coffee plant.

Coffee grows wild in the forests of Ethiopia. Eventually coffee arrived in Yemen and became a very popular beverage. They started to grow coffee in gardens in Yemen.

A man working for the Dutch East India Company managed to steal a few of the trees growing in the closely guarded gardens in the port city of Mocha, Yemen. These stolen trees are the progenitors of most of the coffee in the world- including our very rare pink bourbon.

Our coffee journey continues to the Island of Java where these pilfered seedlings were planted. These coffee trees are known today as the typica variety.

The Dutch also shared some of these coffee plants with the French, and the French took these seeds and planted them on an island in the Indian Ocean.  This variety is called bourbon; one of the most popular varieties known for the quality of coffee it produces.  

The next step in our journey is to South America.  This is where something wonderful happens by complete accident.  This is where a grove of wild red fruiting typica coffee trees start to produce a unique yellow fruit.  This happy accident leads to something delicious.

Eventually in Huila Colombia we have both red and yellow fruiting bourbon trees growing in farms.  A single stolen coffee tree from Yemen made its way all the way to Java.  Then another seedling to an island in the Indian ocean and finally both lines find their way to Colombia.  These red and yellow fruits can cross pollinate and sometimes create something even more unique- a pink fruiting coffee tree.  These pink fruits create very special flavors in the cup.  We think these flavors are worth sharing, so please come and try some.

This rare and delicious coffee was farmed by Jose Ortiz on his farm, Finca Danubio, high in the mountains of Huila, Colombia.

And finally: if you come in for a 12oz bag or refill of our whole bean coffee tomorrow Friday October 4th we will also give away one free burlap bag of your choice! Simply mention you heard it on our newsletter.

Above is a photo from Finca Danubio in Colombia courtesy of our importing partner. 
Below is a photo of the ripe and delicious pink cherries
If you would like to try this coffee, it is available on our website and at our cafe.  We only have a very small amount of this special coffee, so please try some soon.  

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