Demeka Becha, Natural, Ethiopia

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Meet some of the people who processed this coffee:

Above is a picture of coffee fruit being sorted while drying on raised beds at the Demeka Becha station in Ethiopia. Raised beds are the gold standard for drying high quality coffees, and the people here did a wonderful job sorting these fruits.

About this coffee:

From the Demeka Becha washing station in Becha Village, Sidama, Ethiopia.
Tastes like: Peach Compote, Heavy Body, Hawaiian Punch.

This one is for the fruit lovers!  Filled with heavy and richly layered notes of sweet ripe fruits.  You really should try it.

This coffee is the start of what we are calling our "Community Series".  These coffees come from communities of farmers rather than a single farm.  We purchased this coffee from an Ethiopian owned and operated company dedicated to sharing the wonderful coffee from their country.  We are so happy to share this coffee with you, and we feel it really captures the flavor of Becha Village in a cup.


Tasting Series:


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