Sitio Bela Vista, Natural, Brazil

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About this coffee:

We just love our friends at the Cocarive co-op in Carmo de Minas Brazil.  All of their farms grow such delicious coffee, and the owners of Sitio Bela Vista have grown one of the best coffees we have tasted out of Carmo de Minas ever.  Also, the transparent pricing model they use ensures the farmers get paid a fair price well beyond the cost of production.

Produced by: Marcio Junqueiria, Carmo de Minas, Cocarive cooperative, Brazil.

Tastes like: Grilled Pineapple, Grape, Almond Liquor. 


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Customer Reviews

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Best I've had from Farmers Union, ever

The other reviewer nailed it, but I'll add that because I prepare coffee as espresso I like both lighter roasts from Farmers and also darker roasts from Illy. These Sitio Bela Vista beans demonstrate the high level of complexity of flavor and aroma which can be found in lighter roasts of excellent beans but which are simply are baked out of darker roasts. I'm glad I bought 2# of this!


This bean has superb character to slurp and enjoy. Just to look at the seed with even roast character, it’s easy to tell it was roasted with much care. The sweet acidity comes first with a silky body, then there are deeper chocolate notes and silky acids are there till the end. Outstanding! Thank you Joe and Farmers Union team for your complete effort and moral practice as well. Y’all rock!