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Farmers Union Coffee Roasters

Clodhopper Espresso Blend

Clodhopper Espresso Blend

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About this coffee:

Clodhopper Espresso Blend is blended and roasted to taste great as a classic espresso, and tastes even better with milk.  This coffee will blow you away with how sweet it is when it comes to your morning cappuccino or latte.  It's designed to shine when paired with steamed milk.

If you would like a deeper noted blend designed to be enjoyed as a drip coffee, please give our Cultivator Blend a try.

Produced by: Farmers in India, Brazil and Ethiopia

Tastes like:  Dried Fruits, Subtle Earth Tones, Chocolates, Lingering Sweetness 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen Henkhaus
A wonderful way to start each morning - tasty cup of Joe!!!

this coffee has been our go to- it has an excellent flavor and pulls a really good espresso and crema. I highly recommend trying it. We are using @Profitec espresso machine. we tried many other espresso beans and Farmers Union delivers time and time again. We order online, live in Portland Oregon- delivery comes quickly. Thanks to Farmers Union for your excellent service and a wonderful cup of coffee every morning!

Sierra Spicer
My everyday for the last few years

Literally the best blend I've ever had. I will never stop ordering this!

Sarah Paxson
The best from an expression snob

This expression is the best that I have had. I have ordered espresso from everywhere and this one is by far the ultimate roast. We discovered it during college cities to Oregon and have ordered it since.

Benett Berkowitz
Morning ritual

This blend has become part of our daily ritual and hits all the right notes to make one delicious cup of morning nectar! Loving the flavors and rich taste!

An Espresso Blend with Complexity and Smoothness

When I first visited Farmers Union years ago I was hoping to find an espresso blend but I was told by staff that this isn't offered because it would compromise complexity and delicacy. So I jumped at the chance to buy a 2# bag when I saw this on the website recently. I'm impressed how Farmers Union managed to blend and roast this mix of beans so as to retain the depth of flavor and smoothness which characterize their coffees while tasting similar (but not as dark-roasted / bitter) to traditional espresso blends. Surprisingly, I also found that the shots out of my espresso machine come out in similar fashion to traditional espresso blends (slower, more crema) as compared to other Farmers Union coffees.