Finca Danubio, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, 5lbs

Finca Danubio, Pink Bourbon, Colombia, 5lbs

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Produced by Jose Ortiz, Finca Danubio, Huila, Colombia
Tastes like: Yellow Fruit, Tropical, Earthy


This is for a 5lbs bags of coffee. All orders placed before Midnight on Tuesday will be roasted on Wednesday and shipped Thursday. All orders placed after midnight on Tuesday will ship the following week.

Why do we do this?

We are offering the wholesale price on coffee to provide an excellent value to you. We are also limiting the amount of waste we produce by only selling 5lbs bags. If 5lbs is too much to use in 4-6 weeks, please place coffee into an air and moisture tight container and freeze. Take out only what you intend to use for the day or week. This will keep your coffee fresh for a much longer period of time.

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