Jinotega Rainforest Coffee, Nicaragua

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About this coffee:

Now on sale. Organically produced by Gold Mountain Coffee Growers in Jinotega, Nicaragua. 

Tastes like: Hazelnut, Mixed Berry


The Farmers:

The folks at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers have assembled a group of coffee farmers in Jinotega Nicaragua who are all committed to growing wonderful coffees and connecting their coffees to the best coffee roasters all over the world.  Their coffees are multi award winning, winning the Cup of Excellence in Nicaragua and Golden Bean gold medals many times.

Beyond their quality of coffee, the folks at Gold Mountain Coffee Growers are wonderful stewards to their environment, practicing organic growing, and protecting a local rainforest as an alternative to costly and often misleading certifications.

When we say they protect a rainforest, we mean it.  They pay armed guards to prevent any clearcutting or poaching for their untouched rainforest ecosystem.

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Customer Reviews

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Gale Beckwith
Rich flavor...

Living in rural Virginia I brew my own coffee, otherwise it's Dunkin or when shopping an hour away I've got Starbucks. Visiting Eugene this month I found FU thru a family recommendation - and this coffee woke me to something new. The flavor was unlike anything I've ever had. I'll be ordering this soon.

It's delicious. (Hey Eddie. Maybe you'll see this. Hope you are well)

Jeff Donaca

We are die hard Farmers Union (FU) fans and at any given time we have four or five of their different beans available to select our morning and afternoon jolts.

We first tried the FU Jinotega last year (before they sold out) and it was one of our favorites. It is finally back!!

We use the Jinotega for straight espresso, from a Rancilio Silvia, and the flavor profile/crema is fantastic! I am generally not one to follow the flavor descriptions of others - we all taste things differently and like different flavors. That said, I find the FU Jinotega to be one of the best balanced when it comes to nuttiness, sweetness, and chocolate notes. There are other, more subtle flavors in there as well but those are the flavors that each person tends to taste differently.

If you have never been inside FU roasters, it is worth the stop. The owners are almost always there on weekdays and the roaster can frequently be seen in operation. The staff is also more than happy to answer any questions. If you like their coffee and plan to drink it regularly, I would suggest buying it online, in their larger volume formats (e.g. 2 or 5 pound). This brings the price per pound down and we split the larger volume bags with family/friends. FU roasts twice per week, so you need to order ahead if you want to pick your beans up. They also ship but we prefer picking it up because you get a free cup of coffee and we like talking to the owners and staff.

Benett Berkowitz
Tasty Brew

Very delicious cup of coffee! Loving the flavors! One of my new favorites!