Cultivator Blend

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About this coffee:

This blend has been reworked from the ground up to be the perfect gate way into the world of specialty craft coffee. Our dark roast, the new Cultivator blend is now designed to have a heavier body, and an approachable flavor profile that can stand up to cream and sugar.

Produced by: The Cocarive coop in Brazil and small holders in Aceh Sumatra. Contains only direct relationship coffees with a minimum purchase price of Fair Trade Organic.

Tastes like: 

Deep Chocolates and Molasses, Clean Earth Tones, Faint but Present Dried Fruits 

Local Pick Up:

You’ll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup.  Orders placed before 8am on Tuesday will be available to pick up after Noon on Wednesday.  Orders placed before 8am on Thursday will be available to pick up after Noon on Friday.

USPS Shipping:

If we receive your order before 8am on a Tuesday or Thursday, we will ship on the next day via USPS Priority Mail.  If we receive your order after 8am on a Tuesday or Thursday the order will ship the following shipment day. 

Contact us for international shipping options.



Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

We love this as our everyday coffee!

One of my two faves from FU

To me this coffee is absolute perfection as cold brew. It is smooth with low acidity. I wish I was better at talking about coffee, but all I can really say is from the bottom of my heart I love this one.

Love Love Love

I live in Florida and have this coffee shipped to me--that's love <3

Allison Pauletto
Worth ordering from WA state

Love this blend for espresso! So smooth, rich and flavorful…my favorite!

Johnny Walker
Not my Favorite from Farmers Union

Very smooth, weak as expresso, but fine in pour over or Presss