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Here is a summary of our sustainability efforts:

Hot water is preheated by a solar array on the roof of the Farmers Union building.

We are Bring Recycling "Re:Think Certified" for our green business practices, this includes our cleaning products, recycling efforts, and all aspects of our waste stream.

We use food grade bins for local wholesale coffee deliveries.  This prevents plastic from entering local landfills.

We use reusable food grade containers for 12oz retail coffee sales.  This prevents plastics from entering local landfills.

We give discounts for customers who bring their own cups.

We compost all of our coffee spent coffee grounds- they make their way into local gardens.

We compost all of our food waste through the city of Eugene's "Love Food Not Waste" program.

We compost and use all of the coffee chaff from the roasting process in local gardens.

Our burlap that once held our coffee is sold and donated to local community gardens.

The grainpro bags that once held our coffee are reused for waste disposal.

As the earth sustains us, we strive to sustain the earth.

If you have any suggestions to improve our current sustainability efforts, please don't hesitate to email us:

Info @ farmersunioncoffee. com