Fazenda do Condado, Brazil

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About this coffee: 

This coffee comes to us from Carmo de Minas, Brazil.  It hails from the finest growing regions in all of Brazil, and from an incredible cooperative that is addressing the sustainability crisis head on, by paying their farmers far above the cost of production and having a transparent pricing model that focuses on the producers first.

Produced by: Fazenda Estate, Cocorive Coop, Carmo de Minas, Brazil.

Tastes like: Milk Chocolate, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Almond

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Solid Go-To Morning Coffee

This has a nice depth of flavor (slight milk chocolate note and sweetness) and is an all-around good choice for a go-to morning coffee.

Rebekah Shultz
This is the coffee you’ve been looking for!

The notes of milk chocolate, oatmeal cookie, and almond are accurate and delightful. I was trying to learn about what kind of coffee I enjoy the most, and those notes are it! I was new to fresh coffee, so when I tried it (for my automatic drip), I wasn’t sure at first but my coffee expert husband had some and said “this is very good”, and it opened my mind to it and then I was in love. No more trips to the chain drive thru coffee places, just warm fresh local and high quality beans for me! Get this one, you will not be disappointed.

Gabriel Dawson
Great espresso bean

First had this at the cafe as an espresso and liked it so much, we had to buy a bag and continue the espresso love in our kitchen. This is a great all-arounder with enough sweet to keep the roast interesting as an espresso.

Ben C.
Great coffee from a great roaster!

This Brazilian coffee is one of my favorites from Farmers Union. A great morning coffee, best enjoyed black and brewed with a French press (in my opinion).

Timothy Vollmer
Good service, Good coffee

I found this light to medium roast to be a flavorful (hints of dark chocolate) morning coffee.