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Planadas Sugar Cane Decaf, Colombia

Planadas Sugar Cane Decaf, Colombia

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About this coffee:

This coffee is decaffeinated in Colombia using sugar cane- a plentiful crop also grown in Colombia.  

Produced in: Planadas Regional Blend, Colombia.
Tastes like: So smooth and very bold

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Customer Reviews

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Greg Smith
Do I like Caffeine or Do I like Coffee?

I have had a pre-conceived notion from years ago when I first started drinking coffee in the early 70's, that decaffeinated coffee tastes bad. I wanted to see if my beilef had any basis in reality. I also wanted enough coffee to really give it a chance, so I bought 2lbs of the Planadas Decaf on my first adventure with whole-bean decaf. I also wanted to know if I really loved coffee just for the caffeine. So, when the beans came, they were only a few days after roasting, and probably needed some time to outgas CO2 before I tried brewing with my espresso machine to avoid uneven extraction, but I tried the same recipe I use for all my coffee beans - a Lungo at 18g/45g in 25-30sec at 92C in a straight 9-bar espresso machine in the afternoon, knowing that it would not interfere with my sleep, and was able to get consistent results after a bit of dialing-in the grind size.

In a word, the flavor is EXCELLENT.

Comparing it to the labeled flavors of fruit, leather & mild chocolate, I can say my palate agrees with that description. There is a light acidity on the front of the palate like dried fruit with a mild a chocolate &/or brown-sugar note on the back of my tongue. I do not taste the leather in the description, probably because I have very limited experience of how to describe coffee flavors. My Lavazza Super Crema has no acidity and is a darker roast than the Planadas, unlike the Mother Tongue Turihamwe Women's Group Ngozi, Burundi - a much lighter roast, which was so strong at first with it's dried &/or fermented fruit taste up-front, that I wasn't sure if I liked those flavors. It took a couple of days for me to appreciate the clarity of the Turihamwe. It is now my morning go-to. The Planadas has quite a bit less acidity than the Turihamwe, and a bit less body than the Super Crema, but is smoother on the palate than either. If the decaffeinating process removes some of the great coffee flavors in this bean, I could not tell. I am now a firm-believer that truly remarkable tasting coffee does not have to include caffeine.

As far as the caffeine goes - am I addicted to it? Yep. I MUST have caffeinated coffee in the morning - but NOW, I can enjoy fantastic coffee all day long without bouncing off the walls. Thank You Farmers Union!

Best decaf in town!!

Like everything about this coffee. Nice aroma, medium roast, full smooth complex flavor, and no acid on the back side.